A man who was caught on video being hit my a woman repeatedly without retaliating is a director of a local property firm, said Lianhe Wanbao.

Last week, videos of the incident were published in AsiaOne, in which it showed him standing still while his girlfriend used her shoe to smack him repeatedly in the groin and face.

An acquaintance of the couple who called the paper’s hotline said the man is a successful 41-year-old who manages more than 100 property agents at his firm.

According to the caller, the “good-looking” man “looks young for his age”, and is popular with women.

The Chinese daily reported that he drives a flashy car and stays in a condominium.

The acquaintance also revealed that the man is a divorcee with one daughter, who has been with his “abusive girlfriend” for two years.

Fiery temper

According to the acquaintance there is a 20-year age-gap between the man and his girlfriend.

They were colleagues at the same property firm.

However, the acquaintance said the girl did not pass her probation period at the firm. She got together with the man shortly after she left, and “has been depending on him since”.

The acquaintance also said the girlfriend is “pretty, but has a fiery temper”.