I guess many of you already manage to do that before frienster staff manage to fix the bugs or any hole which any poeple can pass someone Friendster private pictures account. So, how to view Friendster private photos easily in this year?

If you do some research since 2007, i believe most of you must be have once or twice manage to hack others people friendster private photos. But once Friendster staff know about that hole, their fix that problem immediately. So, you become happily to keep searching new method to hack friendster private photos again and again to view Friendster private photos. Its really fun to do that?

Yup. Thats one of anwser from my friends. Wait. She doing that because curious about his boy friends and he ask me how to do that. I don’t know and i ask her to search it on net. She find that method and try to hack friendster private photos and she manage to enter his boyfriends private photos. Luckily, his boyfriend not have any bad picture in that private photos. Haha, lucky! If she found something interesting, i believe you will know what will happen to his boy friends. Either he will sleep outside or i ceraikan you sekarang. Its funny, but if you take it seriously, it will turn to crazy situation.

So, how to hack friendster private photos? I don’t know if this method good or not. I also don’t know if the possibility to hack friendster private photo is high or not because i never try. But this is the latest way to hack friendster private photo.

So, its your own risk. I don’t care if you can do that or not because its not easy like we thought. So, take it as challenge or just give up the idea.