Oral Cancer is one of the dangerous cancers that threaten human’s life. Oral Cancer is also known as Oral Cavity Cancer or mouth cancer. Oral Cancer is a subtype of head and neck cancer, and also defines as any cancerous tissue growth in the oral cavity.
What causes the oral cancer? The Oral Cancer may arise from 3 major elements: Tobacco, Alcohol and Human Papillomavirus.
Tobacco: by smoking and chew tobacco may cause the diseases of oral cancer. Cigarette smoke damages our body in short and long term. It contains 18 types of chemicals that dangerous to our body, chemicals released by the cigarette smoke will damage various organs in the body. The chemicals will affect us in short and long term.
Alcohol: For those alcoholic exposed to this disease. In fact, drinking alcohol may cause us a lot of decease especially in damaging our heart, brain, liver, lungs, and many more.
Human Papillomavirus: also known as HPV is one of the major factors that caused of oral cancer. There are a few symptoms and signs of oral cancer, consists of tongue problem, difficult to swallow, mouth and tongue sores, mouth and tongue ulcers and many more.
In order to prevent oral cancer are:
Firstly, you must to quit your smoking habit. Smoking habit lands many people into trouble. Smoking can cause lung and oral cancers. Do not smoke. Do not take chewing tobacco. Stay away from all tobacco related products if you do not want oral cancer.
Secondly, you must to moderate consumption of alcohol or stop being alcoholic. Excessive consumption of alcohol does increase the risk of developing oral cancer. Do moderate your intake of alcohol. Do not indulge in excessive drinking.
Thirdly, always using lips balms contains UV protection. Exposure to the sun can increase the risk of oral cancer. You can protect your skin by using sunscreen.
Finally, in order to prevent oral cancer, you have to change your diet. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is the recipe for health. A combination of fresh fruits and vegetables decreases most cancers risk, including oral cancer.
Hopefully this all useful tips can help human prevent from oral cancer.