On the 180808, I arrived at Schippoll International Airport, Amsterdam..Cold windy make me feel sick!!..about 17 degrees...Giler sejuk!!Thank god it's not winter...kalo x, lagi sejuk siap salji lg!!hahaha..At Amsterdam, I Have to wait about 4 hours b4 take another plane to Lima, PEru...Aiseh, 4 jam..what can I do???Let's check out some activities that I did during my transit at Amsterdam... Cekitdout!!

Pics1: Tgk Holland Home Jersey&Merchandise. They also known as the Oranje!!

Pics2:Using Public phone..(sajerjer..)

Pics3:kena konfermkan ticket...

Pics4: Where I am Going??Lost??
Pics5: Happily After Long Journey!!
Pics5:Like Skywalker!!..(budak kecik 2 nk enterprem..)

Pics6: Finally, Shopping!!!!