Firstly you’ll be needing a couple of things:-

1) A Credit Card/Debit Card (No you wouldn’t be charged) – Make sure that it works for on-line transactions as some debit cards don’t
2) account
3) Niche Blog or a specific site

Okay , now its very simple.

1) Go to and log in to your account

2) Next up “sign up for this advertising application”. Its a program by Visa . Fill in some details such as your business type. If not just fill some basic information and hit submit.

3) Quickly go up to your e-mail address and get the activation code/coupoun code. Design your advertisement , make sure you follow general facebook’s guidelines

4) Choose which type of ad you prefer , you may just select anything (it depends on your preference). Set your daily spending as well. If you spend more , meaning that more of your ads would appear but it would only be like couple of days. But if you want to prolong it , then select it as a lower value (less chances of your ad appearing but it will be there for a long time) . Don’t forget to select the country that you’re targeting (aka geotargeting) and which kind of people. This way you’ll be getting genuine traffic.

5) Fill up your details and your credit card information and your free $100 advertising coupon number. Don’t worry , you wouldn’t be charged at all. Just keep an eye on your available balance , if that thing runs out. You’ll be charged to your credit card. If the funds are going to deplete or finish , better pause your advertisement or delete it. You don’t want to be charged in your credit card/debit card. Trust me!!

That’s about it. Now all you have to do is wait as traffic would be generated. Good Luck!