How to ask Google to reinstate your banned Adsense account

1. Don’t simply appeal by replying to the Google mail that notified you that you have been banned. File a formal appeal for reinstatement using Google’s official Invalid Clicks Appeal Form.

2. Correctly input all needed information in the form. Also include your real name, address, and other contact information (preferably the same information in your Adsense profile). This sends Google a signal that you are serious in your appeal.

3. Phrase your email in a formal, corporate, sincere manner. Always check for correct spelling and grammar. Do not curse, rant, or threaten legal action against Google. In the same way that you will be annoyed at a fiery email sent to you, Google will certainly not appreciate similar emails.

4. Offer to cooperate with Adsense, in the best possible way you can, should they decide to investigate your case. Show concrete proofs of your “innocence” — traffic logs of your site, explanation of possible causes of invalid clicks, screenshots and evidence that those clicks were not made or intended by you. Include a line that says something like, “If there’s anything else I can do to help in your investigation of my account, please let me know.”

5. If Google has still not responded to your issue, send regular follow-up emails but make sure you DON’T SPAM them. When sending follow-ups, ensure that your writing is calm and patient. A mail that says “Still no reply after two weeks? C’mon, Google, don’t tell me you’re not reading my emails!!!!” will definitely ruin your chances of a possible reinstatement.

Several publishers who got banned got their accounts reinstated after following the steps above. You can do the same.

Good luck in getting your banned Adsense account back!