Read some very interesting review on marketiva. It seems that some people classified Marketiva as scam. I dont mind since im still using their $5. To me marketiva is a learning platform. Btw one review for you to read:

"I would not trust any company with no background info. I had asked to see who or what is behind the company before depositing funds. No response. I believe there is some type of long term scam here. Something is not right compared to other brokers. Also it is a bit strange that you can open an acct. with no I.D. Last but not least, beware the glowing reviews of Marketiva spread out on forums. Most if not all of these posts are made by actual Marketiva admins posing fraudulently as investors. You can easily pick them out. They are the ones using obvious marketing slogans and pushing the free $5 for joining. The $5 is just a ploy to sucker in the new trader.The rest of the posts are from those promoting their referral links.I'm of the opinion that Marketiva is a total bucket shop. Like a ponzi, the money from losers lines the pockets of Marketiva and helps pay the few that make a profit. I seriously doubt any investor's money actually makes it onto the market. 95% of traders lose on average. This makes for a profitable business model especially when the investor is essentially trading on a demo account with real money. They know you are very likely to lose, so your money goes into the bucket and you are left blaming a bad market when you lose when in fact, your money never even made it there.Ok, thats enough ranting. Beware Marketiva and do your own research and due diligence checks on any broker you wish to join.Best of luck out there!"
p/S: for me, Marketiva is the best platform for newbies...easy to understand, easy to get used on it...ok??peace!!